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Logistics and distribution touch all aspects of a company’s product assembly and supply chain, from the manufacturing process, to when a final product reaches a customer’s hands.

For many organizations, this involves the integration of logistics at each stage of the product’s life, from raw material transport, packaging, warehousing product, and transportation/shipping.

To help businesses manage expenses from their supplier base, including 3PL logistics, fleet management, small package freight, and warehousing, ERA reviews clients’ supplier relationships and expenses.

If there are savings opportunities, organizations can boost their cash flow by placing those dollars back to work in their businesses.

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Logistics & Freight

Expense Reduction Analysts experts in logistics and freight can provide companies with the best advice and relevant solutions to their individual supply chain needs.

Whether you need a local, national or international solution – or your goods need to be delivered by truck, train, ship, or plane, our specialists know the best prices and the best options in these competitive, fluctuating markets. We can help you to satisfy your clients and find extra cash flow.

Supply Chain Management

As companies explore the opportunities presented by the Internet of Things and Blockchain within their supply chain, a significant movement towards technological evolution is forcing businesses to invest heavily in new technology, artificial intelligence and automation. By doing so they are able to reduce errors whilst increasing overall efficiency.


Reviewing warehouses expenses can seem a bit of a challenge, and when to find the time?

Expense Reduction Analysts investigates these costs for you to present you with the best options for your business, helping you save money and improve organization in the warehouse.

Small Parcels & Packages

Maximizing efficiency when handling large volumes of small parcels and packages is a crucial requirement when reviewing your long-term shipping plans. With a wide range of suppliers and providers available, complete transparency is a must, along with responsive and integrated communications that help you accommodate your customers’ needs as quickly as possible.


There are many options to consider in the area of packaging. Not only are materials and price essential factors to review, but at times standards of compliance or environment-friendly standards must be met. Expense Reduction Analysts can make it easier to make the right choice. Our consultants work closely with clients to help select the right supplier tailored to their specific needs – with savings potential in mind.

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