Credit Union to Recover $1.5 Million in Cash Flow

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Our Consultants deliver savings in multiple categories

SECU is Maryland’s largest credit union, with more than 235,000 members and $3.0 billion in assets. Although they have strong internal procurement processes in place, they looked to Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) to extend their efforts to search for hidden cash flow from their operating budget.

ERA immediately reviewed all the SECU expense categories using their knowledge base and quickly exposed five categories where savings could be uncovered. Savings were obtained through new and incumbent suppliers. ERA’s insight achieved big wins for SECU and their bottom line.

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“SECU of Maryland has been very impressed with the cost savings results ERA has delivered. Their expense category expertise, supplier knowledge, contract work, and disciplined approach generated meaningful savings over and above our internal efforts while maintaining great relationships with our suppliers and management team. The experience of working with ERA has helped create a culture around cost management throughout the organization, and the knowledge transferred from ERA will greatly benefit us going forward. We look forward continuing to find more savings with ERA and I highly recommend their services.”

Steve Arbaugh, Chief Financial Officer SECU of Maryland

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