ERA Streamlines Records Management Process for Accounting Firm

Financial Services

ERA helps client save $247,970 annually in operating expenses

A top ten US-based accounting, tax and advisory firm was seeking to consolidate its records management supplier base, streamline its records management process in 19 locations, and reduce costs.

After assessing the client’s ten records management suppliers’ contracts (each with different contract terms), Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) assisted the client in navigating the complexities of their suppliers’ pricing structures and contract terms and provided advice for developing an effective and sustainable supplier consolidation strategy in conjunction with a new records retention and destruction policy.

Also, ERA was able to achieve a reduction in account closing liabilities for the client in the amount of $65,000. Discover how this top accounting firm found substantial savings with ERA’s insight.

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“ERA’s ability to see into the suppliers’ deliberately complex pricing structures, figure out the best implementation and destruction strategy, and identify violations of their pricing agreements has truly been a godsend.”

Director of Firm Administration

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