There’s a magic formula used by entrepreneurs to figure out how much money is made.  Tell me if you’ve ever seen this:

Revenue – Expenses = Profit.

Seems like a simple equation.  CEOs want to increase their revenue stream and reduce expenses in order to maximize their profit.  There are plenty of ways to increase revenue, but what about reducing expenses?

In business, CEOs have a lot of moving parts and know some parts will inevitably need maintenance. Inefficiencies are adding to the organizational expenses—not what an organization needs to continue growing! They know it is a problem but do not have the capacity to invest the time to repair and reduce those expenses.

CEOs need help!

Getting the Right Stuff

Imagine you’ve got an extra $5 bucks in your pocket.  You could buy an extra cup of your weekly coffee with that money.  Now take 5 to the 10th power.  What could you do with $9,765,625?  Expense reduction is more than increasing your profit.  It’s about reinvesting your savings into your special projects.

But with so many moving parts, who will you hire to manage each one?  You need an expert who gets HR, supply chain management, office supplies and so, so, so many other categories.

The problem with most businesses is that they may have one person inhouse specializing in a single category, but lack the diversity a dedicated consulting firm has.  It’s a war of attrition.

Fortunately a solution is already on the market, ready for immediate implementation.  Enter Expense Reduction Analysts, a specialist organization in cost management.

Here’s how ERA works:

  • ERA analyzes a client’s categories for inefficiencies
  • ERA offers options for potential savings
  • ERA executes the chosen options
  • ERA monitors the savings measurement from start to finish

But what’s the secret sauce that makes ERA so unique?  Why not just hire any consulting company or your own team to do the research and decision-making? Glad you asked.

ERA boasts an impressive network of over 700 highly specialized consultants in over 40 categories, an unprecedented number in the industry.  The leading cost-management consultancy does all the legwork up front so clients focus can be on how to spend those sweet dollars they are saving.

Spending money is hard work.

Help Clients Save More

ERA is nothing without its network of professional experts.  At a little over 700 expert consultants strong, the team is rapidly expanding and we need your help more than ever to meet the growing demand of the U.S. market. Organizations across the nation are throwing away thousands of dollars each day and they NEED an outside entity to direct their spending in the right direction.

You are just the one to fill that void.

Pick a combination of three different consulting roles: acquirer, manager and analyst.  Each with their own responsibilities, the consulting roles of ERA define our diversity and commitment to complete a job thoroughly.

Maybe you enjoy a more hands-on approach developing new business and attending networking events.  Or maybe you are an extrovert, energized by the constant string of daily clients you get to work with.  Or perhaps you enjoy spreadsheets and the solitude your earphones give you in data.  All the work you do points towards a common goal: reduce expenses to help maximize profit for clients.

In a later post we are going to talk about how income is earned through the ERA business model. (Hint: It’s a lot of money!) But there’s also the intrinsic reward of being able to help businesses do a better job for their customers and the world at large. Those same businesses return the favor with accolades, recurring opportunities and so much more.