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From banking and investment services to insurance and corporate tax advice, commercial financial services are necessities for businesses of all sizes, across all industries.

However, the financial services that help your business run smoothly can be unique to the type of industry you are in, and it can be a challenge to determine if you are getting the most out of the options available to your organization.

ERA helps clients keep expenses in check through a business banking comparison, reviewing various providers’ services and fees to evaluate savings opportunities.

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Banking & Financial Services

Every business relies on banking services for both day-to-day operations and development projects – and with a wide selection of banks of all sizes, choosing the best bank for business accounts can be tricky.

Does your bank offer the dependable, supportive business bank account services you need?

Are bank fees competitively priced?

Expense Reduction Analysts can help clients keep expenses in check through business banking benchmarks and the review of various providers’ services and fees to evaluate savings opportunities.


Business insurance comes in all shapes and sizes to provide protection coverage to premises, equipment, operations, and staff.

As a financial arrangement to reduce risks, insurance costs can vary widely, depending on the provider and the type of coverage.

Expense Reduction Analysts consultants evaluate clients’ business insurance expenses, examining services and insurance premium costs to identify cost-savings recommendations.

Merchant Card Fees

Businesses that accept credit or debit card payments are responsible for interchange fees that the card-issuing banks charge for every transaction. These fees can often account for the most significant expense merchants pay for on each point of sale.

The charges differ depending on the merchant services company providing the service.

Expense Reduction Analysts shows organizations how to reduce these costs, completing merchant services reviews and analyzing clients’ credit card merchant services expenses to discover cost-savings solutions.

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