RoadOne West Towing Removes Obstacles

Transportation And Logistics

Our Consultants helped RoadOne West Towing save in payroll and telecom categories

When RoadOne West Towing expanded its towing and transportation services through acquisitions in California, Arizona and Seattle, it took advantage of an opportunity to question the way business was conducted.

For answers, RoadOne West turned to Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) to review telecom and payroll expenses. ERA uncovered several areas for improvement and cost reduction, including eliminating duplicate services, and reducing annual telecom expenses.

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Explore our work with RoadOne West Towing, as we examine exactly how we were able to help their company and what the outcomes were. Download the full case study to learn more about how ERA can help your business.

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"Working with ERA not only helped us reduce costs, but has also helped us better understand what we are paying for and how we can be better customers for our vendors."

Dale Wineteer - President

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